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"I recommend hiring Taylor for consulting opportunities involving communications, research, and in person and remote meeting facilitation. She is professional and operates with a high degree of integrity. Taylor is self-motivated and often comes up with innovative ideas that are well researched, high quality and provide value-for-money. One of these examples is the office-wide use of Grammarly to improve technical writing at no cost to eHA."

Evelyn Castle
Co-Founder & Executive Director, eHealth Africa

"PSI's Evidence Department is continually impressed with M&IHC's ability to draw from their hub of independent contractors to rapidly form experienced teams who provide high-quality products on time. M&IHC’s services have included literature reviews and technical content for publications on a retail condom panel in Mozambique; quantitative, qualitative, and mobile data collection guidance for ensuring research data quality; and protocol development for a harm reduction assessment in Uganda, Madagascar, Guatemala, and Cameroon."

Lee-Ann Gallarano
Program Manager, Evidence Department, Population Services International (PSI)


"For any executive who has limited time and competing priorities, you can appreciate anyone who becomes a “bandwidth extender”. Taylor was a savior and bandwidth extender when I headed Programs at eHealth Africa. She enabled our growing communications team to function and mature without investing a sustained amount of executive capacity. In a fast-moving, rapidly growing organization, it was exactly what we needed."

Anu Parvatiyar
Former Director of Global Programs, eHealth Africa

"M&IHC’s work with PSI has included high-quality writing and consistently strong communication. One role I value in consultants is an ability to balance the technical needs with strong communication, so that the total package makes our work easier and more straightforward; M&IHC has delivered on this."

Brett Keller, MPA, MSPH

Senior Regional Researcher, East Africa, Population Services International (PSI)

"I highly recommend hiring M&IHC to co-design and lead the facilitation of high-level meetings -- both remote and in-person. Their results-centered approach and ability to adapt group management methodologies to navigate complex decision making processes connected eHealth Africa’s Executive and Senior Management Teams in a meaningful way. Paired with Taylor’s seemingly endless supply of customized team energizers and icebreakers, M&IHC helped us to bond as colleagues, enhance our collaboration, and strengthen our organizational vision."

Johanna Roegele
Managing Director of Germany Office, eHealth Africa



"I would highly recommend hiring M&IHC to conduct any type of large scale health research, literature review, or landscape analysis. In addition to extremely high quality research, M&IHC's Director is incredibly personable allowing her to work well with diverse stakeholders and partners to create exceptional yet cost-effective work-products."

Talene Ghazarian, JD/MPH
Attorney, California Department of Health Care Services



"In my previous role as an Independent Contractor for M&IHC,  I executed a stand-alone research project for eHealth Africa. M&IHC's Director engaged me to help with technical writing and editing, recognizing the organizational need to hire an independent contractor to execute this piece of a much larger endeavor. As I saw it, this decision not only saved the company money, but ultimately allowed them to transition the project far earlier than would otherwise have been possible. Working for M&IHC was an incredibly rewarding experience and I would recommend M&IHC's services to any potential clients or consultants."

Sacha Green-Atchley, MPH