Our Core Competencies


• Executing large scale literature reviews and environmental scans

• Creating research protocols and guides

• Piloting and scaling locally-tailored data collection tools

• Interviewing, coding, and synthesizing qualitative data

• Collecting, cleaning, and analyzing quantitative data

• Leveraging research to design evidence-based global health programs


• Facilitating remote and in-person meetings and workshops through leveraging best practices in adult learning and participatory meeting methodologies

• Incorporating stakeholder buy-in during pre-meeting activities, creating customized training needs assessments and plans, and designing training schedules

• Providing strategic roadmaps, post-training resources, accountability partners and follow-up strategies, and confidential digital evaluations


• Writing and editing book chapters, articles, case studies, program briefs, blog posts, reports to funders, and technical guides

• Building organizational capacity through creating and managing global communications and design teams

• Creating and implementing internal and external communications strategies, including social media mapping and planning

• Collaborating with UX designers to re-brand organizations and launch websites

Our Content Focus Areas

Reproductive Justice & Family Planning

Nutrition & Micronutrients

Immunizations & Community Health

Breastfeeding & Donor Human Milk

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


Featured Work


M&IHC collaborated with partners from Nutrition International to conduct research and write a book chapter focused on nutrition during the preconception phase. M&IHC’s Director is the lead author for Chapter 27: A Role for Preconception Nutrition. M&IHC’s Independent Contractors provided technical editing services for this book chapter.

Research / Writing / Literature Review / Lead Author / Technical Editor / Nutrition / Micronutrients / Preconception / Global Health


M&IHC served as Savannas Forever Tanzania's (SFTZ) Co-Principal Investigator for the Maisha Bora project. This included working with multiple partners in Tanzania (World Food Program, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières, Iles de Paix, Belgian Technical Cooperation, and Trias) to develop a household survey, collect data in 15 rural villages, clean data, present data to stakeholders, and generate a comprehensive report with outcome indicators and statistics. M&IHC's focus areas were maternal and child health, breastfeeding, nutrition, WASH, and HIV. This household survey serves as the baseline for an impact evaluation and the monitoring strategy.

Research / Quantitative / Data Collection / Data Analysis / Technology / Baseline Survey / Report Writing / Tanzania

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In-Field Guides: Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, SurveyCTO

M&IHC developed three In-Field Guides for Population Services International (PSI), which include recommendations and resources on how to conduct research in the field. Topics covered include: ideal team structures, field team supervision, sampling fidelity, quality assurance procedures for In-Depth Interviews and Focus Group Discussions, probing, screening/eligibility, verifying audio recordings, providing feedback, doing back-checks, hiring moderators, and working with marketing agencies.

Research / Fieldwork / Best Practices / Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches



Multi-Stakeholder Meetings: Micronutrients for Women of Reproductive Age

M&IHC’s Director was hired by Nutrition International to conduct global nutrition research across five thematic areas. She presented this research through facilitating a meeting in Canada with a small working group of global experts, representing multiple agencies (UNICEF, WHO, Sight and Life, Johns Hopkins University, Nutrition International, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others) and gained consensus on next research steps.

Facilitation / Collaboration / Partnership / Agenda-setting


Executive Leadership and Senior Management Meetings: eHealth Africa (eHA)

M&IHC designed and facilitated remote and in-person meetings for eHA. This included facilitating Executive Leadership Meetings in Guinea, where M&IHC created and presented a new Global Communications Plan and a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research strategy. M&IHC facilitated numerous remote multi-country (i.e. Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Germany, Chad) meetings for eHA’s Senior Management and global teams.

Facilitation / Remote and In-person / Multi-country / Management / Executive Leadership / Global Coordination


M&IHC’s Director conducted research and created communications collateral to support eHealth Africa’s work in Guinea. These projects included writing a report for the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, presenting at the Global Digital Health Forum, writing blog posts, taking professional photographs, and publishing an article in Africa Health magazine.

Communications / Lead Author / Editor / Community Health / Pilot / Immunizations / Africa / Guinea

M&IHC's has authored and edited content for eHealth Africa’s 2014, 2015, and 2016 annual impact reports. For eHealth Africa’s 2016 Impact Report, M&IHC worked to compile and edit the content with programmatic staff and oversaw eHealth Africa's design team in order to deliver printed and digital versions of the report.

Communications / Organizations / Multiple Authors / Multiple Editors / Impact Report / Africa