Recent Projects

"A Role for Preconception Nutrition" — The Biology of the First 1,000 Days. 2017

Multiple Authors; Large Scale Literature Review, Interviews Report & Recommendations

"A Blueprint of the Future for Local Public Health Departments: 2013 Statewide Public Health Incubator Summary Report & Recommendations" — North Carolina Community Health Information Portal (NC-HIP)

Independently Written and Edited Article; Global Health Magazine

Africa Health: Integrated Community Health in Guinea

Africa Health: STRIVE (November)


Client Testimonials

“I was hired by M&IHC as an Independent Contractor for several medium and short-term global health consulting projects. While working on these projects, I appreciated M&IHC’s research cycle approach, which began with a comprehensive environmental scan and literature review, followed by analysis and synthesis of the research, and the preparation of an initial report. As the process continued, we highlighted research gaps, and conducted increasingly detailed and targeted research, gaining nuanced insights, ultimately culminating with final written products that were more useful for programmatic implementation than a typical literature review or environmental scan.

“I would highly recommend hiring M&IHC to conduct any type of large scale health research, literature review, or landscape analysis. In addition to extremely high quality research, Taylor is incredibly personable allowing her to work well with diverse stakeholders and partners to create exceptional yet cost-effective work-products.“

Talene Ghazarian, JD/MPH
Attorney, California Department of Health Care Services

“Taylor commenced her nearly three years of consulting work with eHA through supporting our Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) department based in Kano, Nigeria. She furthered this work in 2015, when she led the M&E strategy and supported business development for what later became the eHA/CDC Cooperative Agreement in Liberia and Sierra Leone. She worked on a large-scale communications project in Guinea in 2016, with deliverables including authoring a lengthy report, designing marketing materials, taking photographs, and presenting at the GDHF conference. She also facilitated an in-person strategy meeting for eHA’s Leadership Team.

“I recommend hiring Taylor for consulting opportunities involving communications, research, and in person and remote meeting facilitation. She is professional and operates with a high degree of integrity.

Evelyn Castle
Co-Founder & Executive Director, eHealth Africa

“I recently worked for M&IH Consulting executing a stand-alone research project for eHealth Africa. Taylor engaged me to help with technical writing and editing, recognizing the organizational need to hire a consultant to execute this piece of a much larger endeavor. As I saw it, this decision not only saved the company money, but ultimately allowed them to transition the project far earlier than would otherwise have been possible. Working for Taylor was an incredibly rewarding experience and I would recommend her services to any potential clients or consultants.“

Sacha Green-Atchley, MPH
Global Public Health Consultant